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Feb 19, 2012
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Apollo, Pa
I got a 2001 warrior i have been having issues with but first a brief history i bought it about 9 months ago it always bogged down when you got on it i found out there was a piece of wood blocking the main jet removed it cleaned the carb changed the fuel filter run great then the intake boot split on both sides replaced that but reused the gaskets (yes i know i should have changed them but they still looked great) ran great for about 3 days left it outside on night in an ice storm and had issues withe the wiring fixed a few wires rerouted others and solved my issues but it will need a new wiring harness just a temp fix but it ran amazing until today went to start it and it was cutting out when i started it shut it off and checked the carb to make sure a bolt didnt come loose and it wasnt sucking air everything was fine not sucking air so i pulled the clutch in and started it not in gear and it started fine not bogging down reved fine road it and as soon as it got warm bogged down again pulled the clutch it it reved fine let the clutch out it ran for a minute or so with no problems but the bogged again i was thinking maybe a starter clutch bearing is bad and its not disengaging and i really dont want to spend $250 on one if it wont solve my problem so any insight is greatly appreciated thanks for your time