yfz 450 on trails??

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Feb 27, 2005
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how are the yfz450's on trails and are they ok for going slow through tight trails... do they need to be riden at high rpm at all time or are they an ok trail bike with mabye a gearing change?? ::)
They are right at the limit width wise, maybe a little too wide. You will give your wrists a beating where I ride, a possible broken bone even. I'd rather have a reverse capable quad also, just a personal opinion of course. If you look at my u.p. pics you'll see why a reverse could come in handy, my friend on the 400ex had to get off and turn it around quite a bit there. The power band favors the top end quite a bit on those, a hmf or another low end promoting pipe and lower geared sprockets might be a good idea for trail riding with them, and also some shorter than stock arms. I'd go with one of the new 400's for trail riding even though I favor yamaha, you can't go wrong with any of those.

yes :D Ahhh 450 . I would love the speed,but, wide/ no reverse and rev happy. I had the option to buy a 1991 banshee or warrior, I chose the warrior mostly for reverse, managable power ,good for all types of riding. Now that I'm older I wistfully want the power/speed(shee) but reverse is so handy and 4 stroke reliable, I still have no regrets....
If I must trade up I'd go 400zKdvx, just cause its more versatile than 450 Y/H . I ride mostly bush trails.
Mabey the next creation is a yfm 450SE reverse/narrowed up woods special, or 400 raptor( I hope they don't call it Raptor ) The problem is then yfm 350's would fade to nothing- no new mods. At least I can still get new parts for old iron.

I guess it depends all on predominant ride style and Trail type.
There is one really good thing about the warrior above all others, we can turn much sharper from the front end weight bias, the engine being up 3 or so inches really can make you whip the back end around!!! ;D