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May 13, 2005
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For those of you who have visited the site through http://www.yfm350central.com lately you may have noticed a new "enter/splash" page. This is one of the on going efforts currently in the works by myself and the staff. The forum can be accessed by clicking the small gray square under the “YFM350 Central” text on bottom left of the page; I hope to have a main page up soon for us all to use.

Please feel free to post comments in this thread.

Thanks Pelphrey
thats badass, whats the website gonna be like other than the forum???

The website is going to be an organized place to keep all our most popular tutorials, product reviews, useful tools, videos, pictures, etc... The QOTM and POTM will be held in the spot light on the main page and kept on the site in a POTM/QOTM history forever. The site will also have a section for soon to be offered services (such as port & polishes and other things) for very cheap. It’s pretty much to compliment the forum (similar to bluetraxx and sites like that but much better). The YFM community has grown pretty large in such a short period of time so we are taking it upon ourselves to bring the site to an entire new level.
The new set-up is sweet, im liking it alot. If theres anything i can do to help you guys out let me know, ill be happy to help.

good luck and hopefully it will be up soon also id like to apply to be a mod let me know