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look for wolverine motors also, they are the same engine.
Not really a true statement. Wolverines are shaft driven 4x4's, with an automatic clutch and a 5 speed transmission. A lot of the components are the same, but it's not swappable.
I would check on ebay for a full motor or just buy parts of a motor here and there in auctions and assemble one that way; it would be cheaper to do it in parts...
Does anyone know where/who I can buy a new engine from?I just want the engine by itself.
Other than a yamaha dealer, I don't know of anywhere else to get a new one. For the price of a new engine you could get a streetbike motor installed in it. You wouldn't have reverse, but it would sure get up and go quicker.
Right now warrior racer 13 on bluetraxx is selling his race motor for like 500 bucks and thats a super deal. It has a bunch of work done to it, 12:1 arias piston, white bros. cam, ported, coupel other things, id buy that if it was me. Everything is new in his motor to0.
but would it fit lol???
The mounts would be the same, but you would have no drive system at all... shaft drive motor + chain drive warrior = no movement without pushing it