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man your quick.......... ;D

Its something were working on right now, its going to showcase the "elite" bikes on the site. Were working on the criteria right now, but basically the sickest bikes on the site.
it is going to take this kinda stuff? ;D




just got done about 10min ago.
sorry for the big pics..o well

Yeah that, basically its a voted in thing my the mods, a bike that really stands out, has ALOT of aftermarket, suspension, engine, looks great, etc. Something people will look at and be inspired by, basically something that makes you go "holy ****"
yea i think its a wickid idea, new members can come here, and if its at the top theyll click it right of,and itll really get there attention
Exactly, and that goes for anyone that comes to this site, even if they ride a yfz/450R i want them to be able to say, "hey, these guys really do work over their quads" And maybe we'll start getting some more respect.
We probably wouldn't let those guys in here in the first place! ;D Maybe the yfz guys! ;D