Yamaha case saver not actually a case saver!!!

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Mar 18, 2005
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I've seen too many people recently mistaking the yamaha chain guard for a case saver, and just wanted to let as many people know what the actual deal is with it. It doesn't have any hollowed metal that fits between the chain and section of the case ahead of the sprocket. Actual case savers use that feature to cushion the blow from a snapped chain. The yamaha one is simply a chain guard only, just like the stock piece of plastic, only it looks better. The only thing it will do is look nice and stop a shoelace from getting caught by the sprocket and chain. :mad: :( :'(
yea i notice that, i was like WTF are these people talking about. i just kinda whent along with it tho...
i have seen a real case saver for a warrior on ebay, there was 2 of them and they were $20 each, i went back the next day and they were gone and i havent seen them since
nos machine makes one for 60 bucks, but don't waste money on it, complete piece of ****. Best bet is to make one from 1/4", 1/2", or billet aluminum. They aren't that hard to make, just trace the curve on tracing paper and stab the pencil through where the bolt holes are.