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Jun 12, 2005
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Garden City, Mo
Does anyone know were they have local racing tracks in Missouri?

What mods would be recommended for racing?..besides pipe, jet kit, and air filter?

And 1 more ?....if im and 13 can i race a rappy 350 in a local racing leauge?
My mods are listed below. But mostly to race mx most people get wider axle and arms to slide around the corners. If you can do that very well, your more likely to win a race than someone who has twice the horsepower than you.
i suggest at least getting a pipe(HMF is good) and then doing suspension. But do pipe and air filter and then get all your suspension ****...such as.....+2 or +3 a-arms, +2+4 Axel, Shocks(Dual Rate at the least), and some 18 inch holeshots, kenda's, or Razr's....they seem to be used the most. Hope that helped.
i'm looking into getting a durablue 2+2 axle for now. Maybe i can keep my raptor on the ground around corners
im just pulling your strings :p

just to let you know i spend 4000 on....like all my aftermarket parts ;)
thanks :p

if your looking for a front end suspension setup around september let me know, i might have one for sale ;)