wont be on here much.....

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Mar 3, 2005
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NE Pennsylvania
yea, my internet is really crappy, since day 1 of having our new computer. were getting dsl real soon or something way faster so that way the internet wont be all gay.

btw, for those of you that wanted to see pics of my racing tractor n stuff, have to wait, same reason, internet is slow as heck.

i have my tractor apart again, this time a 12.5 is goin in with a stock axle, bigger stock wheels and tires, and a limited slip rear off an agway mower of the same type (got tired of not being able to turn because of both tires pushing forward), but it still has a 24 tooth rear sprocket, soon to get pics.

btw if ya want to do this to youre home tractor, remember, measure the belt when youre clutch is pushed in, and also, bigger pulley on the front, smaller on back (for belt drives), and stock sprocket on the front, custom sprocket 30 or smaller on the back (for chain drives)