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Mar 16, 2005
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Flemington, NJ
I am suffering from withdrawal. I havent riden since I **** upmy caliper riding hardcore at Paragon Adventure park. I need a wierd ass bolt which of course Yamaha does not sell seperately, although its seperate on the fisch. I need to go riding, does anyone else Have the itch after a while? Oh yea and NJ sucks to ride in, its all risky and ish. Twelveoclock p i m p
Ha. I took my bike to a guy last night to adjust my valves. Its been 12 hours and I want the SOB back now so I can ride it. But its all good later today or tomorrow. Nothing major..
so your break is fucked up???? disconect it and go out and ride lol!! come ride in Mass
lol yea man ive been ****** riding with out a rear brake for the whole time ive had my warrior..