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gettig mine back running and ill be happy. i hate water now and i dont care that u need it to live, i still hate it
I plan on rejetting, painting swingarm, and a few other things. Buying: ac racing front bumper, and red tusk nerf bars, and maybe a graphics kit!!!!!!!!
Complete tear-down. Powder Coat frame and maybe a few other goodies.

Complete color change.

Oh..... yeahhhhh!! :cool:
Well as of now my 96 warrior is pretty whipped. Needs motor work for sure but while i got the motor out of it i'm gonna put a 400 stroker kit in it from alba, and everything you could imagine. I'm powdercoating the frame and a few other little things, getting some wicked products +2 +1 a-arms with works or elkas and either for a rear shock. Basically i'll have a new quad by spring next year. I can't wait to tear it up.
nice, im goin with candy blue frame and all white plastics, no graffics or stickers, and cut the fronts and backs...should look nice if i get $$, im trying to sell my other quad so i can pay for it. Its hard for a 16 year old to get a job around here
i'm also doing my frame candy blue with white front and rear plastics but i'm getting a blue nose piece and tank with a custom spastic graphic kit. i hear ya with the job deal. every place i go to you need to be 18. im only sux
Doing a top end rebuild: cam, piston, valve job, p&p, +2" swingarm, and maybe nitrous if my compression isn't too high. I'll try to lighten the thing as much as possible too.
im just gettin kenda klaws all around bumper and nerfs along with a 14 tooth front sprocket and a new primary drive chain
Death will have his quad torn back down and ready for more mods five minutes after this reply... What's up your sleeve this time??? ;D ;)