which pipe should i get

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Jun 28, 2005
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Hi i was goin to get a fmf but it is now on back order for like 3 weeks wich is total bullshit, but my friend was tellin me about phantom pipe from project blaster,They are a little more and they bend different but what the **** i want my pipe. So wat should i do wait or just order the phantom which is 50 bucks more
For a Warrior?Or I must assume you have a blaster id get quality do it right the first time unlike me where I experiment and end up putting 218 into a shitty pipe.
Don't know much about phantom. But the only pipes I have seen that they make are for the blaster and maybe the banshee. Since pipes aren't the cheapest accessory to buy if you really want the fmf I'd wait. Patience is the key....