Where I spend a good portion of my life.

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Feb 27, 2005
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NY - Orange County
Yeeeep this is where it all happens; where the servers & workstations are that keep YFM services running, where I program, game, and well ehh yeah.....

I spend a good 7 hours here a day EASY haha.


Haha I figured I spend a MINIMUM of 5 hours there a day so that is lets say 5 hours x 31 days a month = 155 hours, 155 hours a month x 12 months = 1,860 hours a year, 1,860 hours / 24 hours in a day = 77 days I spend in that chair a year.... I think ::).
wow u guys need al life!!! jk i send about an hour a day on my comp ill get pics of the setup tomorrow
well, i figure i spent close to 5-8 hours a day in the fall and winter which sucks because i wish i could be out riding and the rappy doesnt work too well in 2 feet of snow. and probably 2 hrs a day in the summer and spring.
I spend about 4 hrs a day (from right after dinner, till bed) on my ass with the laptop on my lap.

God I'm pathetic!

And that doesn't count the 10 hrs/day staring at the tube at work. :mad:
I notice you have the stars and bars on the wall there, Death. I guess ya ain't as yankee as I thought....lol

[Way to go, Bud!
ya, i like the starts and bars theme (i knew u had some hick in ya) hahaha
and them spending over a quarter of the year on those machines keeps the warriors alive

and im sure evreybody thanks you guys for that, i sure do, this site is like my second wonderland besides the warrior