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Apr 4, 2005
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Wilmington DE
Hey i got my quad this past christmas and ride every now and then but i still cant seem to get a wheelie gone, it just feels like the front end is a ton. Does it or did it seem hard to ride a wheelie compared to most other quads?
I find that the warrior is pretty easy to wheelie due to the weight in the front - once you are in it's balancing point the weight kinda helps you keep that balance. Start off in first gear and gun the throttle, at the same time pull up hard on the bars she will come up... Also mods will help you a lot - all I do in many gears now is just gun the gas and she comes up on her own.
pop the clutch man thats how i do it i just pop the clutch is 2nd and it comes up.. just dont be to happy with the gas or u will be layin on your ass... if u have stock tires, they spin like mad so wheelies might be harder for ya with the stockers
I wouldn't pop the clutch all the time to wheelie it isn't to good for her - there are other better ways for your machine.
One major factor in my opinion is tire pressure. It was a little hard for me at first, but that was because this past winter I put almost 6 psi in each tire. I dropped it to the recommended 3.6 and the front end comes up like a charm barely giving it gas and popping the clutch.
crappy worn out tires is usually the culprit, try wheelies in different soil conditions, you will find what works best...... sand and grass suck.