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Apr 12, 2005
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i got a 03stock warrior from my dad and am wondering wether to mod it or not?
I dont want to dump my money into the bike and it still not be powerfull enough.
So what should i do keep it stock and keep saving or dump some money into it?

(i have 2500 saved) ???
i hate to see you put money into it and wish you didnt... but do you have n/e experince with working on quads?? or know someody that knows how to work on them.. cuz i would make sure you know wht you are doing before you buy the part.... but n/e ways enough blabering... if you have 2500 to spend on it i would get a pipe hmf, yoshi would be my choices... a eldobrok carb.. 430 stroker kit ... proflow kit,t hat should put out some power.... for your engine.. then get some suspension.... elkas are alot of money and im sure they are kick ass but i would go with something else to save some money for +4 a arms maybe then get a aftermarket axel.. with a good set of tires...... ...or if you can save for a yfz.... :p
A 446 kit will beat a piped Raptor 660 - they make gobs and gobs of torque. Also +4 A-Arms would be WAY to much for the trails (id go max +3) if that is what you want. As far as dumping money into it this all depends on what you want to do. If you’re looking to race, MX, or that kind of thing there are better bikes out there. But for trail and **** like that a 446 stroked warrior that is widened handles and performs like a mother fucker. The stock to stock HP of a 400 and a warrior is very close and even when modded (they still come very close).