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Jun 1, 2005
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should i buy new a-arms and shocks for my warrior or keeping saving for a nice new car?? even though i want the new arms and shocks ahah i dont know what to do ??? :-/
Well the question boils down to this...

Do you NEED a new car? Or does the car you have now run fine. If you dont NEED one id get shocks and A-Arms; what would make you more happy?
well i dont have a car right now im get my lisence really soon so i was thinking about saving my money and ****
i was talking to my parents and i might get my dads jeep it a jeep 2004 Wrangler and i have a trailer so i can haul the warrior around.
personaly i wouldnt spend the money for shocks and arms on a 350.. just dont see a reason to spend that much money on a little 350 but other may think diffrent... if i were you i would get something to haul around your worrior... then sell the worrior for a yfz.. thats got way better suspension and the price your gonna spend on suspension for your worrior you might as well save a little more and get a yfz... but thats in my opinion na dis what im prolly gonna be doing here in a few months
Ryan save for a car..unless you get the jeep....or just get some offset front wheels so make the front wider, so that the front and rear around around the same width.