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did you get the clamp on setup or just a normal k and n filter becuase a prodesign clamp on adaptor is what i would do. im actually working on making my own so i dont have to pay 90 bucks for one but yeah
I am talking from first hand experience. That little foam gasket on the end of your K&N falls apart and comes off over time. The problem is sometimes it does this and you don’t know it.... Sooooo you end up sucking all that good stuff into your motor :-/. This method also doesn’t allow you to run with out a lid; even with a stock filter this method is known to be flawed and allow debris in your motor if the filter isn’t seated EXACTLY right.
hmmm...thats what I have! Is there any way to nigger rig it without the foam or buying the pro kit? Maybe scrape off the foam and buy an O-ring or something?
the pro flow is the only way to go! Then you can pitch that airbox lid!!!
crap i just spent $30 on that POS ... not looking forward to spending another $100 for the prodesign... if i run with no airlid do i have to rejet again?... i think i do i remember reading it in the dynojet instructions
i think that pro design clamp on thing is a bit to expensive....i just took my little white stock peice and screwed it to the airbox...works perfect.
you payed 32 bucks for shipping

id get the uni with noss flange for 70 bucks guys. ive only heard bad about the k&n. they are really a car air filter put in a quad. so thats the difference
Yeah ive been looking at the uni filter one. its the best deal ive seen on them unless you watch ebay
yeah but if u put an outerwear on ur gonna be fine... plus im still gonna run my airbox lid... cant wait to go riding monday :D ;D