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Mar 13, 2005
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Hyde Park,NY
Hello All,
I have an 2002 warrior and wanting to get a pipe
what pipe do you guys recommend, I was thinking on the HMF sport, I heard these were pretty good . Im told that these are loud 104+ db with out the quiet insert, 96-97 db wth the quiet insert. What are you guys running. Do you like what you have ?,whats the db level on a stock pipe ?

I’m running the Pro Circuit T4 - its right up there with the Whitebros E pipes and both outperformed the yoshi, FMF, and several other pipes. The pipe is not annoying loud but people can def. hear you coming. The pipe also added a very nice deep throaty growl sound and strong gains across the board.
i have the hmf w/o the quite core and its not overly loud but i dont think i'd pass the 99db test for the state but no one around complanes and it dosn't hurt your ears and the power is amazing i've beat all other piped warriors i've raced so far so i guess that can show something and the price is just right i got mine for $210 at the dealer and you can get cool colors
i love the way mine sounds.....its only loud if you dont have a helmet ..but with it compared to stock and riding for the fist time with it on its amazing the sound just makes it so much more fun to ride! ...lol or maybe its just me ::)
I'm running supertrapp ds2 and I love it. It has like 18 discs that you can put in to make it as load as you want or take some out to make very quite. I have 12 in it right now and it sounds great.
Hey rideblue52
Did you rejet your carborator and replace the stock air cleaner


i got a stock replacement k&n and rejetted up to a 155 on the main and im still running a tad lean in the winter im thinking about going up one more but i would suggest the k&n