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Mar 2, 2005
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What should look better? Rappy's 350 LE black bodywork or new maier's black bodywork with carbon fiber hood or black hood? :)
I've got a custom blaster with new black Maier sport fenders. I looks trick with the black frame and other components. I would imagine that the warrior would look pretty awsome black with a blk carbon hood.
get the maiers dude...that would be sick! i know your capable of fiting the raptor 350s but honestly i think it be easyer and look alot more sick with aftermarket plastics!...and eather carbon fiber or black would be nice....but id prob go with carbon fiber :cool:

by the way do you have any pics of your beast with the yfz plastics? im sure alot of these guys would love to see it!
get the maiers black with the carbon fiber hood would look so sick. It is cool to give it a different look then straight black