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For breaking a motor in just normal ATV Spectro 4 and after break in now amsoil; it really isn't good to break a motor in with synthetic it's not cause I am cheap :p.
i like amsoil alot thats all i will run in my sleds but i cant seem to find amsoil to buy ive tried the sight and denniskirk doesnt sell it neither does rockymoutainatv
I thought we weren't supose to run synthetic oil in the Warrior because of the clutch. Apparently it doesn't hurt anything.
I run amsoil or yamalube, mostly amsoil. Amsoil is formulated for the type of clutch the warrior and all other bikes have. Car oils are not so a car synthetic would deffinitly not be good. ;D
Valvoline 4 stroke quad oil, made full synthetic for wet clutch atvs, 10 40 for high flow.
I'm cheap and besides I would have to order GOOD oil.
I use shell rottella 15w40 for summer oil and I haven't had any clutch drag probs. Rotella is suposed to be free of the detergents and additives that are harmful to bikes/clutches.And I can find it easilly on the trail, try finding amsoil in butt **** Saskatchewan, let alone at a little gas station up north ,in butt **** Sask. ;D
Synthetic oils are only bad if they are not designed for wet clutches its the detergents that are added into the oil that helps clean out car motors and keep them running better longer. But in a quad that detergent makes the clutch slip alot worse and causes increased premature wear. Im ordering some Maxum oil full synthetic.