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May 10, 2005
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middle of ****** no where
Most of you didnt know but whoever did Im back from the races so this is how it went.

1st day:

I practiced and after a little suspension tweaking I went to my first heat (we run one heat on saturday and then the final heat on sunday) so at the starting line the flag was raised we took off. Unfortunately I had a horrible start I was in 6th by the first turn but I managed to pass 2 people in the next few turns and by the time we were done with the first lap I passed the leader on the finish line table. After that it wasnt really a contest unfortunately I pulled ahead and won by about 10 seconds (so says my buddy all i know is on the vid there was noone really close).

2nd day:

Well it was a rainy motherfucking night and I was hung over as all hell so soaking wet and stumbling still I put my riding gear on an made my way down to practice I ended up gettin all fucked up an practiced with the YFZ's an **** like that but it wasnt a big deal since it was practice. After watching the little kids race which was pretty awsome I went down to the gate. After a horrible ******* start which involved me getting tangled with a Blaster (I bent his rear brake pedal an it got stuck down so I guess the start wasnt all that bad) I was in last just about I caught up to the field an passed my way into 2nd and was caught behind another Warrior (lol worst thing is I helped him fix his bike but hes another Warrior rider so its all good) well I was right on the kids ass his name escapes me at the moment I was getting close enough to make the pass but my bike wasnt pulling outa the corners well come to find out water got sucked into the motor as I found out even more so in the next couple turns. The motor died all together going into a corner and a Blaster got past me after I got it started I made a dash to catch the lil bastard and I did at the last turn I tried bumping him outa the way I ended up getting tangled up an throw over the bars once I got it started I made it across the finish line with a 4th or 5th. I ended up not placing because of the retarded way they do there scoring but I should have got 3rd well I got robbed this weekend an with football starting today I guess I gotta wait till next year. :mad:
it's all good...ya got wasted, rode races and beat the blaster:p. Sounds fun to me!
Sounds nice. Just had our local races here at our fair. 2 and a half hours from Lexington. Had a few riders from lexington on bikes. My nephew raced his polaris 50cc quad. got 3rd :). I didn't race, I need the gear + get rid of some factory stuff on the quad. I hope to next year. But the track is so small, you can barely line 4 quads up at the starting line..I've never raced, and even if I suck it up it will be a good learning experience + fun. So I am going to try my best to be ready.