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Feb 27, 2005
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NY - Orange County
Well guys I have been thinking lots lately (smell the smoke? mmmm....) and I want to build a website for us. The site would have similar topics as bluetraxx such as product reviews, links section, tech tips, etc... but with nice graphics and cool flash effects. So everyone vote and add ideas - tell me what you think.

- Death :cool:
a big hell yeah as long as this forum isnt deleted/replaced with a new one in the process....but deff cool idea bro!
bro you know my answer already, we been talking about this for how long now? Get to work ::crack whip::, hit me on aim, we get to talk IDEAS ;D
i dont know much about websites, or makin them, or anything like that, but i got friends and a sister who do. if you need anything at all ill be more than glad, infact ill be overjoyed to help lol
How can you possibly say no...One of the biggest descision factors come from reviews of all types. Tech tips are a huge +++ and links always help out in one way or another. One thing I would like to see is a personal page for every member where pics can be uploaded and details can be listed along with a pm service. Or have I over looked these things??? Thats be few pennies.
Well im kind of a n00b sauce when it comes to computers so I may need all the help I can get... :cool:

STFU, well boys and gals, expect a new and imprved YFM350central SOON.......well not so soon, were only human, and rome wasn't........well you get the point
Hey scott i could help ya out with a little powerpoint project since youre not technically inclined when it comes to computers ;D ;). I have some ideas if ya wanna hear, lemme know.
ill defintaly help with anything i could ;D

not too good with computers...but im pretty good with photoshop and ****.
IM pretty good with pcs but i am far to bizzy with work to help but i would be way more than happy to donate 10-20 bucks if it would be any help.
i think its a good idea. I good with making graphics and stuff like that. I know some html but not much. if u need any help just ask