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Jan 23, 2014
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I am currently into a project with my son of modding and remodeling our ATV's.
I have an 2002 Warrior 350 and my goal is to convert it into a modern, better riding and more powerful machine.

I will log all the process with details and pictures until the whole project is done. :tup:
Here is a picture of my Warrior as i bought it.
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Then i bought a raptor 660 rear shock because the stock warrior rear suspension was really stiff... and at the same time i bought a banshee 350 doggybone to add some height to the rear end.

Here is a picture of the stock doggybone from my warrior and the one bought. Banshee bone is shorter in length so the shock would sit higher and will add some inches to the rear end.

This is how she looks now...
+2 inches rear end height and the ride feels like a cadillac now,
very very happy with this mod!

as you can see i relocate the shock reservior to the left side and fits great is there. No Problem at all :tup:
Only issue is added strain on lower roller since chain gets put at diff angle. Ive swapped between warrior-banshee-raptor660 and ended up using raptor 350 rear link and dogbone with 660 shock. Puts shock at good angle and chain wont bind