warrior starter clutch?? please help me

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Jun 4, 2005
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my 97 warrior didnt make the noise when i bought it but about 9 days later it started making this kinda clank clank clank noise when starting. it runs great and always starts it just makes this bloody racket. any ways my dealer said it sounded like the starter clutch so i pulled the starter cover off and all that good stuff and now im waiting for the flywheel puller ma bob. but while i was waiting i felt around the flywheel to the starter clutch and its operation is good turns one way doent the other but the ring gear has a little slop like 3/16 of an inch. also the dual gear thing on the shaft was missing the little spacing washer. could all of this combined make it make that noise. sorry bout the long post
I don't know what causes that noise myself, but mine makes some banging noises when I start it too. There could be a midget banging a frying pan in there or something though...i'm tired...
Mine does it, and it started it about a month after i got it. never realy had a problem with it, its normal i think, all warriors do it.