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Sep 18, 2005
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south cackalacki
can anybody tell me what other front shocks will work on a 2000 warrior/ was looking to get some from ebay didnt know what will work? like ones from honda 440ex thanks
what if you have a front lower kit....then longer shocks are possible right???
lowering kits will allow for longer shocks in front, but you have to be careful because lowering kits might not be strong enough for big jumps and hard landings, since they are designed for lowering the quad for flat track. There might be some that are strong enough, but I wouldn't get a cheap set in fear of them breaking and causing a hellish crash.
Yes it will allow you to run longer shocks, but like said its not made for jumping. The only cheap way to honestly get a better shock set-up is either just buy works shocks or have yours revalved. But buying new ones is the best solution.

but with good shocks they are good at jumping, and a set of works shocks without res's go for around 350 which is a great improvement over stock, and not that expensive
yes they will work...but there is always the unwanted stress on your balljoints and plus it will raise your ride height which in turn narrows your stance....buying a front lowering kit will widen out the stance back to normal with the yfz shocks
works shocks are your best bet here....no point to spend $$ on other shocks.
Lol the main point is that its foolish to even invest in buying other cookie cutter shocks designed for other bikes. Buck up and take it like a slut - buy some aftermarket shocks. Any shock from another bike you slap on the warrior/"Raptor 350" is going to suck ass or make such a minimal dif. that it wont justify the cost of purchasing them. The stress on the "balls" is really a minimal point.