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Apr 13, 2005
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S.E. Missouri
Well got a good test of my warrior today with all the new mods(pipe, filter, open air box and regetted). It runs good. Think got the jetting right on, its a tad lean from main jet but with temps still low i think next step up will be to much this summer, will probally need it come winter though. Lots more power was nice, can even wheelie it now without having to pop clutch :) Debating on 12 tooth sproket for front now was going to get one but dont want front coming up to easy. Had to watch myself on some hills I used to not have to, went up alot better but front wanted to come up alittle. Was fun day untill rolled it but that post is eslewhere lol
Sounds good, they really open up after a few mods. The 12T would be alot more "fun" in trails, you get a little more grunt, its like running 4.10's in a car.
sounds fast man i would go with the 12 toth up front... i did it and its much beter on the trails it has alot of low end power now ;D
its is 2-4 mph, and if its too much of a drop you can start to play with the rear sprocket to fine tune it. Im gonna slap a 12 on just for shits and giggles.
me n my pop both have a 12 th front sprokect, u definetly feel a diffrence from a 14 or a stock 13,u go through gears a lot quicker 2, its awesome 4 the mud n trails tho
MINE DIDNT FEEL AS IF IT LOST THAT MUCH SPEED ON TOP END BUT AS KLUTCHbuster said you go through gears fast but i for one love it im going to get a 40 tooth and put on back to gear it down a lil more i love that bottom end hill bashing power. :eek: