Warrior for 50 bucks!!!

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Aug 19, 2005
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Russellville, Ohio
Hey guys....its not everyday a deal like that comes around....a warrior for 50bucks!...yes it looks like a piece of ****...but it runs good and nothings bent or broke...does need a new rear shock and the swingarm bearings replaced...but other htant everythings tight an dgood...gonna be my lil tinker project for the winter...juss thought id share....
I hate to say it but any quad is worth 50 bucks. Even if it is just the frame.

However to get a warrior for 50 dollars, thats a deal that can't be beat. I give someone 2 Andrew Jackson's ($20.00) and a Alexander Hamilton ($10.00) for a warrior anyday.
well once i getta digi again * my other one got stolen cause our place got robbed a couple weeks ago...blows ass...ready to kill the f'r that did it..* ill get some pics up of everything..the Cdale, my rappy, and the warrior...