wahts a good exhaust

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Aug 3, 2005
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i want an exhaust but i dont want one that is really loud. what should i get
Personally I would just stay away from disk tuned mufflers, my experience with both the megamax and e-series is that the bolts eventually get seized, and either you can't get the disks off or can't put them back on. I like my HMF, it's a simple sturdy design that looks and sounds good. I think that most exhausts other than DG's, Cobras, and the disk systems are pretty equally matched for performance, the biggest differences are the loudness and the way they look. If you want one that isn't loud you could get an HMF with a quiet core ($20-$40 extra) FMF powercore 4's aren't very loud either, they're louder and sound better than stock, but not too loud.