Wahoo its running again!

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Aug 1, 2005
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Well I put my first hour on the rebuilt engine today. I really like the wiseco 10.25:1 +1mm piston. It definitely puts out more low end torque. I am waiting until I hit 10 hours before I change the oil and open it up! :) I'll know when I hit 10 hours thanks to my digital tach/hour meter.

The only problem I had was a weird one. I was pulling pretty hard through a corner and then all of the sudden my engine made a weird wining noise. I immeadiatly killed the engine and gave it a look over. I fired it up again and it made the same noise. I revved it quick and it went away. It really sounded like the starter was stuck engaged. There is a goofy one way needle bearing that the starter operates on and I am thinking this hung up temporarily. I ran it for a bit after that and it didn't give me any problems. I even started it about 6 times just to be sure. Oh well, I will keep an eye on it.

Now I need to get a K&N and prefilter to let it breathe a little better! I'll get some vids and pics next time I am out.
NICE! Glad to hear it man! **** it if its running fine and you dont continue to hear the sound you should be golden. Must feel good to ride again...
Yeah it feels great to ride, especially after 3 weeks of work. I am definitely going to stick with warriors after working on this quad. Its pretty easy to work on, much easier than most other quads I have looked at. I'd much rather have a quad that is easy to work on rather than one with all the GPS and digital junk.