VAlve springs??

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You dont need valve springs with a hotcam, but if you want to put them in your could, but hotcams says not to. I dont aftermarket springs and shes running 1 year strong ::)
would you advise me to put the springs on it? or would it be better to get an oversize intake valve?
Im not sure on this one. I dont think an oversized intake vavle will do too much. I would get the head ported or something like that first. Or get the head ported and put the oversized valve in when you do that,
And i would say no to the springs, hotcams says not to get them so i wouldnt risk it. When i had a problems with my cam that was the first question they asked, if i ahd heavier springs because they cause problems some how.
Get a .430 cam then go with the springs; you dont need them with the hotcam. Go for the oversized valves they are worth it (i have it) I also got the race port & polish and a 3 angle VJ. WORTH EVERYTHING!!