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Sep 21, 2005
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Still no DAMN pics though :mad:

I got the front end all finished except for tie rods. Im going to start the assembly of the rear end tomr-. I ordered my 18x9.5x8 Tamers on .160 and my 19x6x10 MX shots on .160 for the front. Motor still isnt painted up but the design is SICK as ****. I will get pics soon...i hope :'( Everything is lookin great so far. I will get in depth and detailed pics this week. PROMISE.

Got more doo-dads in **** RIGHT!!!!! haha sprockets and a new O-ring chain, master cylinder cap, lonestar e-brake block off, shockwears, UNI filter, bars, grips, and some other small ****! All at discount prices out of Tucker Rocky! I LOVE MY DEALER!! :) My tire order will be put through today! Along with my seatcover order, grab bar, front bumper, gas cap, throt. cable, clutch cable.

Oh yea! my proarmor kill switch is in....PREEETTTYYYYY trick stuff...

where the **** are your pictures?

jesus, im waiting to see this damn thing
man, ill be honest my girlfriend has the dig. camera and its hard as **** to get her to remember to bring it to my house. She is supposed to bring it to my house after work today but well see how that goes cause...haha ill be gone riding on the BEAST..the 700 ;) !!!

Ill try to get some, my tires were supposed to be in friday, no they are saying tuesday, we'll see!

Yall keep hangin tight cause this bike looks bad ass...i hate to brag but man i love this bike.

Go-Go goodies are being ordered next...probably ritter or FST....
Ok, the engine is painted, airbox is painted with graphics light silver met with charcol met
scallops going crazy. The inside of the box has been recoated with satin black. The newly painted pegs are on as well as the rear brake setup that is also painted and recoditioned. Im about to slap the swinger in and then its ENGINE STABBIN TIME!!! I took my wire harness apart and cleaned EVERY wire, Re-loomed, re painted the cdi box satin black, re taped the needed areas, and zip-tied the other areas. Im about to polish the rectifier and tip the fins in green. Seat is goin to the upholstrey shop this week for Black leather with intended sewn in rips that makes the seal look like its been ripped but will not further rip, under the rips it will have lime green vinyl. I got a new tail light from our Auto Parts store its made by Grote i will get the number for you guys, you will want one of these, i also got one for my 700. Its a red lense, with chrome bezel, mounts flush and has 2 LED's!! Pictures coming soon! Promise!

Why pay full price on anything, that is the question you need to ask yourself.
BAD NEWS guys...the Warrior is very close to being done!! 100%!! Wait, that was the good news, the bad news is that it is already sold. I recieved and offer i couldnt resist. Im the former owner of a DS650 and i got offered a trade of an 01' DS650 and i took him up on that trade. Dont worry i will still be on the boards and i will be buying another warrior very soon to...start over again (long sigh)..I would have never thought it to be this hard to trade my 88' warrior for an 01' DS 650. But man the blood sweat and tears are in that bike. Oh well, the DS will be sweet and my Warrior will be in good hands with pics for all u guys!

Where are the pictures of this bastard....And dont tell me you didn't take any...
my buddy got the warrior so rest assured pics will be up soon