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Jun 17, 2005
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Tabernacle, NJ
Just a heads up for everyone...I know that trinity racing doesnt have the warrior section up on their i gave them a call today to see what they made for warriors. here are the results: 425 stroker kit, Exhaust, and filter kits...not much...So now u know
Get any prices, whats the price of exhaust, im buying mine soon. Ill prolly just get the yosh though, i have always wanted one.
Found the price of of a trinity full stage 4 system. 359.99. Not bad in my opinion, maybe ill get it instead of the yoshi, guess it depends on the amount my next paycheck is. They told me it was an 8 horsepower gain, thats a "little" over exagerated but hey trinity is one of the best names out there in atv's im sure there exhausts are good too.