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Mar 1, 2005
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iv been thinking lately about even more power and now i see a chance. i recently waterlock my quad and messed something up inside. (i change the oil and it still smokes as much or even more :eek:. i have a vid ill put on later lol )
so im probobly gunna need a new $150 piston :mad: and a gasket set 25bucks. so i figure it will cost me about 200bucks for a rebuild OR i could get a 435 kit for xmas possibly but i would be quadless for 2 months :'(
so im debating on weather to just do a normal rebuild quick or wait and get a 435, what do you guys think.
also if anyone has gotton this done, what is the labor cost for the crank and putting the new sleeve in cause im sure its gunna cost more than 650 if no one has then ill just call em but i need imput thanx
says 650 for parts...i hope its not a grand just for parts
It cost 650 and usually they have cranks already made so the turnaround is pretty quick. If anything is wrong with yours he will charge you to replace it. So basically its 650 for the crank, sleeve, JE piston, rings, pin and gasket. Lets say your rod is bad you pay the cost of that on top of 650. He will call you and tell you what is up.
It cost me @2somethin for all my machine work. I think. It might have been more.
alright i might give them a call tomorow and see about it. im trying to stay as close to 650 as posible with me doing all the work i can. like i just want him to do the crank and put the sleeve in and send it back. ill put it in and do the rest
When im done I will be spending...

1. $650.00 for piston, rings, pin & clips, sleeve, head gasket and stroked crank.
2. $20.00 for clutch springs.
3. $131.00 for a hotrod.
4. $100.00 for a new chain & sprocket kit.
5. $12.00 for a richer Edelbrock needle.
6. $60.00 for gaskets/seals.

Total Necessity Parts Cost: $973.00

And maybe these Extras:

1. CWR Adjustable Cam Sprocket - $60.00
2. Full Race Camshaft - $135.00 - $160.00
3. Dynatek Curve Programming kit - $200.00

Total Extra Parts cost: $400.00
yea i just wonder what he charges to put the sleeve in and do the crank