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Jun 12, 2005
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Garden City, Mo
This Includes 53RAPTOR350, DeathShadow, DsWarrior, VelociRaptor, Boxhead, and YamahaQuad350. I would like to now u guys lotz more and get involved with things u guys got on do u guys think u think you could introduce urslelf to me..and i will introduce myslelf, Im Tim Hampton and im from Garden City,Missouri...Im 13 Years Old, and i currently own a yamaha raptor 350, and with many mods, and i ride all the time, and most of the time im scared of nothing at the track or on the riding area, but sometimes I ride my dadz 660r raptor, but i dont like it to much becuse i have busted my ass on it to many times, and its way to much power for me, thats what i think..well i would highly appreciate if u guys would introduce yourself, because i would like to know u guys a bit more, and get invloved with some of the things u all do on here..such as be part of the some of the polls u all have, and all those other things.....oo also, i ride at truman lake, perry lake, chadwick, st joe state park, little sahara in ok..also looking foward to many ohter places..thank to all who intrduce thier selves to me :) ;) ;D :cool: ::) :-*
hey, my name is Jacob Gunn and i live in St.Pete Florida. i ride a fully mx raptor 350 (soon getting a 450) i race mostlly motocross. im 15 and i also ride my dads 660 but i dont like it because its so tall. i've been racing for a year now and love i will soon start the nationals.
My name is Dan Wylie, im from hastings, PA. I ride my modified warrior around my town and some other places that are close. Its got alot of mods and i want to mod it more. I like riding my dad's yz250 because i like the power and agility of it. I plan on either putting some serious money into mods on my warrior or buying a yz250 of my own before winter and after winter. THats about it, if you got any questions just ask!
Im Justin Panico im from Monson, MA. I ride a modded rappy 350. there is a **** load of ttrails all through my town that i ride all the time. Im 17 years old, theres alos a pretty sick hillclimb here thats cool to watch cause i got trails that go to it so i watch the modified raptors and banshees go up fromt he side of the hill. Monson is a cool little hick town to ride in.
My name is Doug Maso - I work for IBM Corporate headquarters I am a Network/Internet Security professional, programmer, web designer, Phreaker, PC Repair Technician, etc... I work on my warrior more then ride it because I am a mod whore and I buy **** for it all the time that im always installing lol. But when I do ride it there is MILES of trails here and many local tracks. I am currently in a 2 and a half year relationship with my beautiful girlfriend named Mallory. On the weekends I mostly quad, shoot ****, and blow stuff up; I love fire. The original members of this forum and I started this site as a revolution from an old one (you know who you are) and it has become bigger better then it ever was. I am currently working on a website for us so we have more then just a forum and I have many plans for the future of YFM350 Central. I listen to mostly all metal (nothing to soft) and attend many metal concerts and clubs.



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Haha damn ive been here just as long as everyone else an I got left out too. Dave Malbon here 16 years old north eastern NY. Im a dishwasher/mechanic/electrician/dj/racer damn im a jack of all trades haha. Umm I listen to metal no rapshit for me I drive a big yellow 1979 ford truck with a 302 V-8. Im about as redneck as you can get besides ******* my cousins I guess im not 100% redneck. I ride all over the place my local sand quary lots of different MX tracks been racing for about 2 1/2 years now. Im starting varsity fullback an middle linebacker at my school as a 10th grader moved up as a 9th grader to varsity. I think that about covers it I used to play baseball but im not any good so I said **** that.

Oh yeah I was a mod on Warriorcentral too before the switch.
Brent Bakewell here from Livonia MI, just a few miles from Detroit. A couple good friends got me started back in 2001 and I think I'm addicted to quads for life now. Since I bought my warrior I've just about broken every exposed part on it, including the frame, and broke my wrist also along the way (I'd say I'm pretty damn lucky for only one broken bone in about 100 accidents, goes to show you should wear ALL safety equipment including chest protector, boots, ect). Just simply threw on all aftermarket **** as I went, and a 2002 frame. As for places to ride I've been almost everywhere in the LP and UP of michigan.
As for the real world at home I work for Roush to build various plastics and spoilers that can be seen on magnums, mustangs, neons, the focus, ect. As for music just about everything, but very little rap and A LOT of metal. Everything else I cut out of my life, my only concerns now are work, vacation, quads, and a little T&A ;D
IVE been here since it was warrior central I just never posted much because it was dead and then I forgot my name and recently made a new name since the site got going anyways my name is JEREMY GIBSON I am 23 years old and ride a 05 raptor 350 has a few mods HMF slip on -nerfs- oil cooler with braided lines and i have renthal handle bars with pro grips on the ends that which will not stay on Im running a 12 tooth front sproket and I have full skids all under and i have a DG V PRO bumper anyways i live in HUEYTOWN ALABAMA ive been rideing since I was 12 started off on a go cart with a brigs&straton 5 hp engine and then moved up to a honda 5hp once the briggs blew and then my dad willed my cart to my nephew and i got a used and abused RM 80 that my unk gave me bout killed my ******* self then my dad bought me an 86 honda 250 me and him doubled on it for a few and he went and bough himself a new 95 BAYOU a year latter he bought me a new 96 TIMBERWOLF which I freakin loved I took it through pure hell for many years and it rewarded me with many years of trouble free rideing except the shitty drum brakes that never worked on any ******* atv. BUT I know have a question for BOXHEAD I see that u said u make wings for stangs well i have a 96 GT and my cuz was drunk and grabbed the side of it and broke off a piece it seems to be made of black plexE glass i was wonder if you could get me this piece it bolts on i have pics of the car with the wing no one around here can help me out soo plzzz help a BROTHA :D
Only make the parts for the newer roush series mustangs, only current year models or previous. :'(
I actually hated every ******* mustang except for the late 60's ones, and for that reason I like this year's model, I like how they brought back the 60's look.