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wow are u guys 12??

smaller tire= faster acceleration

cmon now it's just common sense
Well yea i know it gives u batter accleration...but i wouldnt sure thats y they useed them for MX.... :cool:
Actually in my mind your all wrong. Both of those are true but the real reason i would say for smaller tires is better handling. A tire with less sidewall flexes less.
imagine the letter "O" is your tire... a small "o" takes this far to go around:


a big "O" takes this far to go around :


Which one do you want you pulling you out of an MC corner? The one that turns faster or slower?

thats as simple as it could be put for you guys
How because with a smaller tire you have more revolutions , and a bigger tire it takes less revolutions to get there .

Maybe on a 2-stroke a smaller tire would be better . Because your power-band and has 2-stroke has higher rpms .