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Mar 13, 2005
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Averill park, New York
Is a 22x11-10 tire wheel combo lighter then a 22x11-9 tire rim combo. Basically is more wheel lighter then more tire.
No matter what metal weighs more then rubber, so i would think its the opposite, but then again what kind of tire, a meaty 6ply like an HD will probably be lighting in the 10 inch version then the 9.
thats a hard question to answer without having both tires in front of u to look at an weigh, both tires r 22od(overall diameter) so they will be the same size for the most part, so really the only thing that will be different is the sidewall... the 22x11-10 will have a smaller sidewall than the 22x11-9 because the 10 inch rim is taller... so the tires themselves may weigh less than the 9inch... but u have the added weight oft he 10inch rim lol in my opinion the weight of both would be really close if they r the same brand/type tires an rims
IDk i would think aluminum would weigh less then a tire with air, and this is if both tires are the same ply and design i thought that was understood.
u never said what rims and tires u were talking about lol
one other thing.... air doesnt weigh anything :p take a flat tire and weigh it.. then put air in it an weigh it.. it will be the same
IF both are the same tire and rim it wouldnt matter what brand. and i dont have the money to buy two sets of rim and tires.
Metal weighs more than rubber so if you have a 10" rim with a 6 ply tire on it versus a 9" rim with a 6 ply tire on it the 9" rim should weigh less.If you get the 10" rim your cornering will be better because of less sidewall flex but you risk the chance of destroying the rim because the sidewall doesnt protect the rim quite as much.I run 9" rims with 18" tires because of the better cornering but I run the risk of beating the rim to ****.
thats not always ture, even if the tires r the same size an same type.. they can have different weights ofcourse, hell even the same brand tires an same type an everything can have different weights.. right now on my race car i have 195/60R14 falken azenis tires all the way around my race car, we weighed the tires b4 they were mounted an one tire was half a pound heavier than the rest, thats 8 ounces :-/ makes a big difference, the point is u never know until u have the tires in ur hand an weigh tem for urself... then again unless ur doing some serious racing.. u dotn really need to be a detail nazi like me lol
FMFWarrior is right also, the lower the sidewall profile of the tire the better the tires handle in corners
so what do u guys think then, should i buy the 10 in wheel and tire package or save about 150 dolla and just buy the tires and mount them on my 9in aluminium wheels
I ride mostly woods and powelines trails with those big ass like 100yard long mud holes, so im gettin more of a mud type tire. But i was gonna get 10in rims becuase i thought it would help lose a bit of weight, but if its only gonna be by a little bit or add weight i might as well buy a pipe with the money i would have saved.