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Jan 10, 2007
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North Carolina
i just got some new tires for my warrior and on one of my tires i got the bead to pop on one side of the rim but not the other and ive tried fillin the tire up with air and sprayin wd40 around the rim and it didnt work and then i tried ridin sideways on 2 wheels and it didnt work and i cant get it to move for nothin and i dont wanna blow up the tire fillin it up too much cz i had it hard as a rock and it wouldnt budge so i was wonderin if yall have any tips on sealin the beads.
sounds like that should have worked. I don't do my own mounting because it's more trouble than it's worth, but i've watched them do it at the local shop a bunch of times, and they always got them to go on with a little lube and a bunch of pressure. How much pressure did you have in them? I would think that that bead will pop in long before the tire would think about rupturing.
This will work, but it's at your own risk...lol. If you catch yourself on fire I'm not responsible. Lay it on the ground (outside) with the side that isn't beaded facing up. Take the core out of the valve stem. Get a can of ether and spray a light coat between the tire and the rim. Light a piece of paper or something from a little distance and toss it on the ether. Your tire will expand from the heat/pressure and the tire will seat itself. Then you'll watch it collapse again, but the bead will remain. First time you do it you'll giggle like a little girl...heh..heh..heh... Every once in a while it doesn't quite work, so you'll have to move the tire around on the rim a little till it's in the right spot to work, but it ALWAYS ends up working.
i tried the ether way u were talkin about and it got it on a lil more but not all the way so i went around the rim with a torch a few times and it slid right on but thanks for the help.
Did you break the bead loose when you WD40ed it? If not the lube won't get were it needs to be. I normally use dish soap. Get in all in the bead, not just around the outside. You may need like 40PSI to get it to pop. Put a welding blanket or something similar over it if you think it may blow up.
A torch...lol. Ether works very well, you just have to figure it out. I can get both sides to seat in one shot. First time I almost crapped my pants, we took off running for our lives when the thing popped..lol. Glad you got it on though....
I'd say if you would have just kept airing it up it would have beaded without blowing the tire, theres been a few times putting tires on that it took like 40psi like slamdam said but it eventually popped but hey as long as you got it on there.
I use either tire soap that we have around for our big tires or dish soap as previosly stated. I lube it up, take the valve core out and work it around alittle while putting air in for a bit.
the easiest and probally one of the safe and better for tire is to take a ratchet strap and put it in center of tire and crank it as tight as you can get it then put a couple ponds of preasure in the tire and release the strap works great for me everytime glad you got it tho
I usually put about 30 lbs in the tire then bounce it off the ground, havent had a problem yet and its worked everytime. That or just hit it with a sledge a little.
i forgot about the ratchet strap one it worked for me also
pay 5 bucks and save yourself the trouble, if i tried to put my 6 plys on i would have failed miserably, i watched the guy at the shop do it and i was laughing because he was struggling so much and he does that for a living...when i think of ether all i think of is "fear and loathing in las vegas"...
I don't know man, all I run is 6ply and I do 'em myself. Mainly because around here you'll pay $50 to have two tires mounted, which is flat out robbery. It's really not that hard though.
50 bucks for 2 tires...damn that is robbery. what do you use to change them, a portable tire changer machine, tire irons or what? i see the small machines on ebay for a very inexpensive price, less than 50 bucks even. if thats what you use i will probably get one.
Any inexpensive bead breaker will work wonders for getting the old one off. Putting the new tire on isn't really hard at all, just getting the bead to seat is a pain. That's why I always use the ether trick ;D
i wouldve taken it somewhere but there only one place around here that can do atv tires and they charge $15 per tire.
Its $32-35 bucks a piece around Chicago, called 5 shops and they said that was their min. labor charge even if I just wanted a tire installed on a bare rim. Bought a tire changer and was able to remove but havent had a chance to try the install. If I could get it done for 15 or less I wouldnt bother but Dealers around here wont do it for less than $30. Its actually cheaper to order new rims with tires since you can get mounting and shipping for free versus just getting tires and paying for the install. If anyone by me knows of a cheaper place near Chicago please let me know, Im short on time. Id rather buy new rims and give away/throw out the old ones before I spend over $30 each for an install. I can get a car tire installed and balanced for $8 so it just seems strange.
did you try walmart? I've heard all walmarts with an auto center will mount atv tires for $5