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Nov 30, 2011
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Central Wisconsin
I'm looking at buying my first ATV, and I'll just give you a run down of myself real quick.

I'm 22 years old just graduated from college and need something to help me pull a deer, get fire wood from A to B, have fun on, go through the snow, plow some, and just enjoy w/ some friends. I've had a Big Bear (350) and a Sportsman (500) growing up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. Both were cool, but I got to ride a scrambler once and loved the excitement it brought. However, after reading a lot about the sport 4x4 quads, the wolvy gets the prize in my mind.

Well I found one for sale, pretty cheap because it had been rolled and has a fair amount of cosmetic damage. The fenders/body for wolverines seem to be fairly cheap, so I was thinking about replacing them. Also, I like the look of the black 'special edition' compared to the blue.

Is it possible for me to replace the blue fender pieces with the black 'special edition' fenders without much/any trouble? I'd think they're pretty much the same, but perhaps the sport edition has some modifications that wouldn't allow me to do that. You guys definitely know more than me!

You can google 2008 wolverine 450 special edition to get an idea of what I'm looking at. Even with new fenders, I'm not reaching $3k yet for an 08 with 1k miles. That an ok price? He said it was flipped @ 400 miles, so running components seem unaffected.

Thanks for your help for the new guy!
I'm not to sure about the plastics matching up since i just bought my first Wolvy as well. But in my opinion, i would think they would match up fine. As far as the price, I see you paid under 3K for it but did you say it had over 1K miles?
The plastics should all be the same as far as bolting them up and the pattern. Only difference should be the color.

Good luck!
I just picked up mine Friday. It has the grey plastics, 320 miles on it for $2,600. It had been for sale for while now so I was able to offer him a lower price and he took it.. How much are you buy the new plastics for? I was thinking of changing mine too..
Wow, nice on the price! What year? As far as the plastics, the lowest price I'm finding is slightly over $300 for all 3 fenders, both plastic footguards, and the major decals.

Here are the item numbers and prices I found for 2008:
3C2-F1600-60-00 REAR FENDER ASSY.
3C2-F1609-50-00 EMBLEM
3C2-F1675-40-00 GRAPHIC, REAR FEND
3C2-F171A-90-00 COVER, TOP
3C2-F1781-70-00 EMBLEM 1
3C2-F1782-70-00 EMBLEM 2
3C2-F7453-00-00 COVER 1
3C2-F7463-00-00 COVER 2

Descriptions kind of suck, but just google the item number and you can find pictures. These items and prices were found on boats.net. Seemed to have the lowest prices I could find.

Also I got mine this Saturday, too and I'm pretty happy about it! You can see the bends in the fenders in this picture the best. Really, it's better/less noticeable than I had expected.

Then that night I put on a front rack and rear hitch that I had already bought.

Finally this is it with some chains and all ready to go help me cut wood :) Wood cutting went great, and I'm really happy with the machine! Also note the rabbit hunter on the right.
Mine is a '08. Seems to be in perfect shape besides a little scuffs on the plastics. I bought it for x-mas for my step son. I have a '10 Can Am Renegade 800.. Yours looks great. I will definitly have to check out some new plastics.. Thanks.
Sweet deal, looks far better than my o8.
Thanks guys. I'm loving it. So far I've changed oil and have been doing some minimal riding. I like how light and nimble it is for going up and down hills. The 4x4 really lets you climb/maneuver. Compared to the other atv I know, my parent's 2000 polaris sportsman 500, it seems to just be a lot more agile.

This last Sunday I took it along to cut wood. I was able to test its power some by hooking onto some fallen logs and pulling them to a clearing to cut up. This is where a heavier rig could come in handy, but it worked fine after cutting off limbs, limiting the length of the log and traveling a straight path when getting to the clearing. It probably could do more, but I don't abuse it too much as I want to last a long time!
You can fix the stress marks with a heat gun opposed to havin to buy all new plastics

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