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Jun 3, 2005
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Hey guys! The bearings that were in my swingarm were totally worn into the housing. I have been trying to grind them out but it's not working great. Any ideas? It seems like it will be difficult to grind then symetrically, thus possibly ruining the bearings again. Theres an extended swingarm for sale, whats the advantage to that and would I benifit from it just riding trails? Thanks
They say 6" longer for a warrior. Does anyone have any ideas about grinding the old bearings out? I was thinking of taking it in to a machining shop but they'd probably be more expensive than buying a used one on ebay!!
lubrication, heat, and some beating....sounds like recipe for self love....but that should get the bearing out, and smooth the inside of the housing a little with emerycloth....

When i did mine i took a hole punch and ground the ends to like a chisel then i put it on the edge of the bearing or what i thougt was the end then i hit it with a hammer. Bent the hell out of the bearing peice but it was junk anyway. When you redo your bearings buy an all balls kit or pivot works, they have a new tube and seals everything. I bought just the bearing and i wore them out in about 4 rides cause my tube was messed up and my seals were shot. I am redoing mine next week.