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Jun 3, 2005
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Hey all
I bought my first quad on ebay little while ago and have been buying parts to suit my needs. Well now that I have it ripped apart I can't find a serial number where it should be! I'm assuming that it's stolen and was wondering if this will effect me whether selling in the future or taking it to an ATV park or something(do they want reistration and insurance to enter)?
Any info would be appreciated..Thanks
Ya the frame was painted, I sanded the paint off where the Haynes maintenance book says serial # should be and nothing there! How else can I tell what year this is. It's supposed to be a 1998?
well ;D, are you sure its the stock factory frame, becuz only the stock frames come with a vin#, ifs its not the origianl theres no #, did the bike come with a title, and in is there a bill of sale.
No title, just a bill of sale. My only worry is if I have to take it in for some major engine repairs that I can't do and they start asking questions?
if i were you i just wouldnt ride in any illegal area 4 a while, and if you have the bill of sale you should be able 2 get a title 4 it.
I'd also be sure to keep any communication with the seller that you have, so that if it is unfortunately stolen if this person is responsible they will pay for it...
Hey flyinacez where are you at in Kentucky. I am 30 minutes east of Owensboro, in Hancock County.
Hey thanks for all the info guys! Pephrey, I'm in Lexington, KY. Where do you goto ride?