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Jun 28, 2005
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ok when i press my starter it just makes a very light noice for only a quick second and thats all. but when i bumb start it it wont start but then after i try to bumb start it it will start right up wats wrong
Dead spot in the starter would be my guess. I just replaced my starter because of a dead spot. It would turn over a few times slow then just stop. but as soon as i turned the motor over it would start. If you have to get a new starter i would reccomend DB electrical on ebay, they ship super fast and products are very very high quality.
yup that would probally be it beacause my buddy has a warrior and he had a dead spot in the starter and then he bought a new starter and the dead spot is gone!!!
same thing happened to mine, two solutions, buy a new starter

or buy a hybrid yz motor :-* ;)