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for a 350 ur quad looks sweet how fast have u got it up to and what can u beat
i dont know how fast i got it up to but on the track i can beat 400's and some 450's.

my sponsors are oas race team, burnoutbarn.com, and advantage trailers you can check out my site at http://gandgfamilyracing.com its still under custruction going to get some more pics soon.
r u under 16 years old because i want to go racing but i dont know if im allowed because the 90cc limit or what ever?
im 15 you have to be 16 to race nationals thats im going to do next year right now im just getting my points in.
but is there a series were u can race with somehting bigger than a 90cc and be 14 or how ever old?
like what do u race what type of series cause u said u raced and won sometimes.
they give you discounts on parts and sometimes give you free parts in the long run. like my bars for instance they retail for $70 i got them for $30 and a pants and jersey $20 bucks with name and number and pants $30. and no i have nothing done to the motor I'm planning on getting a 450 soon.
wat type of header is on ur Quad i know the slip on is HMF i dont think HMF makes headers for 350 so is it stock or somethin else