Shredder tires?

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Oct 25, 2005
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Yea i just wanted to know if the R/A shredder tires are good? I am going to order them from Rocky Mountain Atv, and i just wondered if anyone had any experience with them. There gonna be the 20 x 11-9 6ply, and the fronts 21 x 7-10 4ply
I've been running shredders on my warrior for about a year. I've ridden a lot on sharp rocks and coal, and the tires were never punctured or leaked any air. The 8" fronts are the widest front tire for a sport quad and really make it corner better. My only complaints about mine are that the 22'' rears have too much sidewall flex, but my brother has 20'' shredders on his honda and they corner just as good as any other X tread pattern tire.

Here's a few pics of mine if you want to see what they look like mounted on the quad



i know i guy who has them on his warrior and the a decent tire. hook up real nice in almost all conditions.