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Mar 26, 2005
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Buffalo, NY
well i went and picked her up today... pulled it out of storage, and she fired right up, no problems!!! so i took it out on the road, and this guy stopped when i was turning around, he asked how fast it goes... i told him to try and keep up, and took off... toped out 5th geer befor the end of the road, 75mph... i was loving it!! well i hope to have pics for you guys tomarow... i know i can get the pics, just gona have to figure out how to get them on the sight...
i was able to adjust the tie rod ends to level out the bars, but itll make a right hand turn if i let go of the bars... i deff need new right a-arms and a new stem... im gona live with it till after i get the carb.... not smoking the motor is more importent then then a-arms... not like there broken, just ben back a bit...

i think i might go down to the 13 tooth fromt sprockit... save the 14 tooth for the drag strip... if they let me run this year...