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Jul 1, 2005
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NE Georgia
Where do ya'll buy your riding clothes and gear? I personally like Dennis Kirk. Can't beat their closeouts. A month or so ago, I got my son a pair of Thor Phase pants with shin guards and two Thor jerseys for less than $50. Check him out now:

I also got a pair of the phase pants for my little bro closeout priced at $30. Can ya beat that anywhere? I've seen Thor Core Pants for as little as $19 on there, but the sizes are way too small for me.
haha he looks so cool in that gear... hes ready to rip it up!!! thats super good prices on that gear man i like to get all my stuff at rocky mountatin but i might try dennis kirk if the deals are that good
I like Rocky Mtn too. But if you look at both ya save money. Tires are definitely cheaper at Rocky Mtn, but the Thor Radiator 3 drink system is like $60 or so on Rocky Mtn and on clearance at Dennis Kirk for $30! I just make sure I check both before I order from either one.