Rausch Creek?

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Mar 7, 2005
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South Jersey
Any one ever go up there. I havent been in almost a year. I ain't too big on Tower City. Just too rocky and tears up the quad. Or even Atco for that matter.
I go to rausch creek when I have the time. I'll be going up sunday if the weather isn't bad. If you haven't been there for a year it's going to look different than the last time you saw it. Be careful the first few laps around the tracks cause they changed a lot of **** around the last few months, my cousin nosedived his Eiger off one of the big double takeoffs the last time we were up because he didn't know where the hell he was going.
I agree about tower city being too rocky but I still have a lot of fun when I go there. I'm probably going to get a membership next year. I'll have a full set of skid plates before I go though, I had to be pretty careful last time I was there and I still cracked half the welds on my DG swingarm skid.
I was at Rausch Creek about a month ago.....its sweet, they have changed a lot, but for the better. We should all set up a date and meet up there one weekend before the snow hits for good!!!
it somebody could give me the where abouts so i can look up the location on google or show me a map instead
Tremont, P.A. It located about 2 miles off of Interstate 81. It is in schyulkill county. They have a website thats pretty sweet, shiows ya everything with directions.


Park Office # 570-695-3864
I just got back from riding all day at rausch, and damn it changed a lot since I was there a month ago. There's no expert atv track anymore, which sucks, but now they have a flat track which is cool. I'm pissed though because my clutch started slipping after half an hour of riding, and had to take it easy the rest of the day :mad: