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Mar 18, 2005
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Hey, anyone know where you can order a 45 or 47.5 pilot jet online? My friend has a 2003 warrior with the stocker carb and needs to bump up the pilot jet, or would it be better to get ripped off for a $40 dynojet kit? Thanks for any info!
The dealers wanted about 12 to 14 bucks around here, bunch of greedy a$$holes!!! That's why I figured I'd try a post on this one. There has to be someplace on the web that won't scam the crap out of you for one jet. Paying a few bucks for a main jet and then the total for shipping would still be cheaper than the dealer here, it's only a few bucks but I hate price gouging! :mad:
WOW, 12 bucks, my local dealer wants like 5 bucks for a jet, that sucks. IDK man, you can try the dynojet site, they sell individual jets if you need them. IDK if its on the site but i do know if you call they can help you out.