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Feb 27, 2005
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ok i need new gaskets and since i was going to take the engine apart i was thinking about getting a high compression piston kit. do you think i will notice a diff. in power with it and i want to get it in stock demension. and the only ones i can find are for the warrior it will still work on the rappy right. ???
The stroke and pistons are the same so you wont have any problem with the piston just get a Warrior one. With a 12:1 piston your gonna need to run race gas but you will get a increase in acceleration and lowend horsepower if you need to replace your piston definetly get a higher compression im rebuilding mine this winter with a 10:5 since I cant afford to run race gas that an there isnt a good supply anywhere around here.
I'm runnung a warrior 10.25/1 weisco in mine. A little notice in power but nothing to rave about. I think Duncan has a JE 11/1 available and you can run 93 on it I believe. Try a cam also.