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Apr 22, 2005
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Moreno Valley,Ca.
Don't you guys get mad when people who ride dirt dirt bikes talk like dirt bikes are hard to ride and quads are easy? I hate when they say quads are for people who can't ride two wheels.
i know what you mean i live in florida home of the dirtbikes. lots of pros come from here bubba, ferry ect. lots are dicks but i have some really good dirtbike freinds also.
Ok well iv been riding dirtbikes for going on 10 years, quads about 2 years. now yea dirtbikes are harder to ride in some situations but sometimes quads are harder its just depends. Now neither are a pieace of cake but dont be dissin bikes just because some of them who ride them are ass holes ::). I like both. ;)
i like bikes also....i was thinking about getting one but i like the quads in the winter.
suck up lol ;) .....but ya i hate when ppl on dirt bikes say that atvs are for pussies.... and never try atvs or they try them but dont go fast on them.... now yes dirt bikes are harder to ride but it dont make atv riders pussies just because they ride quads..it how you ride them is wht makes u a pussy :cool:... olny way to go is wfo (wide ******* open) :p
I love quads....I hate dirtbikes..i would love to run some body`s ass over thats on a dirtbike with my quad :D ..lol
Dirtbikes are a little harder to control in turns, especially loose packed turns with out a berm. Woods riding is alot harder too, wet tree roots are a bitch along with mud and ruts. In a strait line dirtbikes can be harder to control to, if you get a little sideways on a very loose packed surface its harder to bring it under control. Yea some guys are assholes about it, but i know alot of assholes on quads too, *cough honda riders *cough. Its a matter of what you like, me personally i like them both pretty equal.
ya, ive never rode a big dirtbike, but i have rode a crf 50, and those things are FUN!!!
i rode a xr 200 and rm 125 and there pretty fun... a little sketchy in the corners tho it u use to much gas. Love my quad so much more tho!! ;D
If its a dirtbike then i am 100% 2 stroke. In quads its 50/50 i like them both really.

Do you mean like a dirtbike only trail, because i have been on some of those around here, theres a little track built by my house thats made for dirtbikes. I havent been riding on it before but i have been there.