Putting on gas cap vent tube (my way)

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Oct 5, 2012
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East Sparta Ohio
Ok i hear lots of people have problems putting on vent tubes (the little tube on top of the gas cap) so i made a method to putting them on, but i cant figure out the pictures, you will need:

-Lighter, be careful with fire, I'm not responsible if you get hurt
-Something that tapers out like a pencil, drill bit ect. (Preferably metal)
-Pliers (optional)
-Vice grip or clamp (optional)

-Step 1: Putt your tapered item in a clamp, grip, or between your knees
-Step 2: Slide the tube over the end as far as you can
-Step 3: Use your lighter to heat the end up
-Step 4: Slide it down farther
-Step 5: If not wide enough, repeat 1-4
-Step 6: Slide it on the cap-holder-thing (on the gas cap) as far as you can
-Step 7: Use pliers to slide it in even farther, as far as you can
-Step 8: Take of the cap and shake it to see if it stays on
-Step 9: Don't get gas thrown on you when riding

Now this is my method and i found it useful, so don't give me heck if you don't like it...
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So where else does the other end hook to, does it just go to the ground??
It just hangs there. Make sure the line is not plugged as it is a breather tube
Reason I ask is because my Warrior doesn't have one, I bought it off a long time friend that way... Lol
Well have fun getting sprayed with gas:D haha just order one of the aluminum ones with the breather built in already for like 25 bucks
Watch buying the Chinese ones. Some are not drilled and check valve installed. So you are basically installing a vent plug.
Damn Chinese!