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Sep 21, 2005
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Well i got everything painted today spindles, hubs, stem, swingarm, a-arms, plastic, frame, and a lot of small stuff. All i have left to paint is the motor which will take a lot of detail time. the frame is lime greem with a **** load of green and gold pearl. I will get pics up tommorow i hope. Everything is basecoat clear coated. fenders are black and the hood and tank cover is lime green with the pearl. What color should the seat be? Im thinkin black i guess. I am ordering 18x9.5x8 turf tamers on .190's and on the front im going with 19x6x10 holeshots on .160. I also have a set of Pro Taper fat bars with a Trail Tech clamp and riser on the way. This project is moving fast! Im ready to ride this beauty! Ill get you guys some pics of before and during and eventually after shots. ;D

sounds like a sick bike,, defionatly get some pics up i want to see this bitch
Im on my way to the shop now to snap some pics. Ive been riding the KFX all day. I got the freshly painted stem in this morning and i touched up a couple of parts that needed it. I bought a full set of brand new shocks off a warrior for $25 front and rear so...thats gonna get me suspended until i buy some works.